Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Which luxury hotel?

My husband and I are going to Tokyo for 6 nights in July. We are using starwood points to stay at the Westin for 3 nights and then wanted to splurge on a luxury hotel for the last 3 nights. What do you all recommend, Mandarin? Conrad? Park Hyatt? Other? Also, I don%26#39;t know which is the best in terms of location. We would like to have easy access to subway and also not be in a secluded area.

Advice is much appreciated!

Which luxury hotel?

The Westin itself is a luxury hotel in Tokyo. It is starwood%26#39;s top property in Tokyo.

Any case, if you had the money, can%26#39;t go wrong with the world famous Park Hyatt.

Which luxury hotel?

I highly recommend an executive club room at the Ritz. The location is better than any of the hotels you mentioned.

The Peninsula will be my second choice but views are not as great as from the Ritz.

The Mandarin is fantastic but it%26#39;s not in a very happening district.

The Park Hyatt is OK but not particularly convenient nor in an exciting area.

all hotels you listed are luxury enough.

Mandarin which I like but it is not very exciting place. subway station is just below it. it is kinda in the business district.

Conrad is very very edge of Ginza(actually Shinbashi). good view for Hama rikyu park. easy to catch the Yurikamome to Odaiba. but if you like to have nice view from your room, it would be the Ritz which was said above. Ritz is just middle of Roppongi area and above the subway station.

Park Hyatt is good hotel but it is isolated place in the company%26#39;s buildings.

how about Cerulean hotel in Shibuya? it is not pricy and has nice view of Tokyo.

How about New-opened Shangri La hotel, just next to Tokyo station? it is newest hotel in tokyo so far.


The Ritz, as mentioned multiple times, has the best location. So does the Grand Hyatt. At the Grand Hyatt, be sure to get a higher grade room to ensure an ultimate luxurious experience. I heard that it used to be quite difficult to find rooms available at the Grand Hyatt, because of its proximity to investment banks, corporate law firms, and major MNCs. Now, perhaps you should be able to find some sweet deals.

With out a doubt, the best in Tokyo is the Pen.

You can read my review.


The location is great, the views of the palace perfect. F%26amp;B is now the best in Tokyo - even beating my former favorite Oak Door at Grand Hyatt.

Man Oriental comes close second, only suffering from a poorish location.

RC and Grand Hyatt are both excellent, just not as good as the Pen. Great for access to Roppongi.

I would wait on Shangri-La - it just opened and its best to wait until the staff are better trained.

Westin is a nice hotel, best for business. It does not match any of the above, but is still an excellent hotel.

Of the nouvelle hotels in Tokyo I have only stayed at the Mandarin and Peninsula. I%26#39;ve also stayed at both Four Seasons and the Okura which is anti-nouvelle but extremely charming.

It is true that the area around the Mardarin is purely a financial district and not very exciting but it is also in a very old, dignified and stately area of Tokyo which I find somewhat appealing. The Mitsukoshi department store has great food and there are very old line shops selling sweets, tea, nori, confections and other nice things in the neighborhood. Given the choice, I would rate the Mandarin higher than the Peninsula, but then both of them are pretty high up there.

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