Tuesday, March 30, 2010

April 09 does spring = no snow = no snow monkeys?

Quick question

We are in Japan for cherry blossom season in 2 weeks time and would like to head up to Shibu Onsen to see the snow monkeys for one night.

Is it still snowing in springtime? and if its not will the monkeys still be there?

April 09 does spring = no snow = no snow monkeys?

It appears to be snowing there right now, by the looks of the webcam:


(Of course, depending on when you access it, all the snow might be gone.)

Snow in April is not out of the question, but it gets less likely with each passing day. However, the monkeys are there year round, 365 days a year.

April 09 does spring = no snow = no snow monkeys?

Well, Mango, it%26#39;s warm today and promises to be warmer until Thursday. Then it%26#39;ll drop a couple of degrees, but it%26#39;s not going to be cold enough to snow or even come close, although I have gone camping when it snowed in Okutama (edge of Tokyo by Yamanashi Prefecture) on March 20, so every once in a blue moon it will snow in March.

April is considered ';summer'; at the monkey park. Can%26#39;t promise that there will be ';snow'; monkeys, but the furry bathers will continue to be monkeys.

Have you seen ';Zeno%26#39;s'; site?


Bring shoes you don%26#39;t mind getting muddy!


Thankyou for your swift replies! I had put this aside until we had found Kyoto accommodation as we couldn%26#39;t book anything else until Kyoto was locked in. Luckily we found something!

I actually met Zeno at the Sydney travel expo 2 weekends ago and the presentation there sparked my interest in visiting Yamanouchi Town.

I wanted to see monkey soup though and have been checking the webcam. It seems like summer = less monkeys wanting to laze about in hot water? =)

Our itinerary (first time to Japan) is currently 2 nights Tokyo, 4 nights Kyoto, 1 night Shibu Onsen, 4 nights Tokyo.

I was planning to go straight to Nagano from Kyoto, only Kyoto train is 9.25am arriving Nagano 1.52pm which is 4.5hours.

If we go back to Tokyo (2hrs 40 mins) and then Tokyo - Nagano (1hr 40mins) its about 4.5hours.

Plus local train to Yudanaka is another 50mins.

I have read fantastic reviews on Shibu Onsen and won%26#39;t be going to an onsen anywhere else but is the travel a bit much for one night there?

I am thinking I should save it for my next trip (when snow = monkey soup!!) and I can spend more than 1 night there.

Any opinions?

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