Tuesday, March 30, 2010

6 days in Hokkaido in July


We%26#39;re planning a trip to Hokkaido in July (I hope it%26#39;s a good time for flowers?!) %26amp; I%26#39;m overwhelmed by the things to see %26amp; do!

Would greatly appreciate if someone could help me out with an itinerary which would cover the essential things to see in Hokkaido during this season. We%26#39;re a party of 4 adults %26amp; an 18 month old toddler %26amp; we plan to drive.

Can someone also recommend what would be some good ryokans to stay at?

Thank you!!!

6 days in Hokkaido in July

Since I just stay at hotels in Sapporo and Otaru, I can%26#39;t suggest ryokans. I do know you%26#39;ll be there at a good time for flowers and comfortable weather. Consider getting the largest van available, the drive is longer than it looks by map and you%26#39;re traveling with a big group.


6 days in Hokkaido in July

6 days:

Sapporo (2 days)

Otaru (1 day, perhaps as a daytrip from Sapporo)

Furano/Biei (2 days)

Lake Toya or Noboribetsu (1 day) or Asahikawa Zoo (1 day)

Ryokans really depend on your budget. Around Otaru, Noboribetsu and Lake Toya are some nice onsen ryokans. Furano and Biei are not really known for onsens. If you want something with a more family feel, stay at small pensions instead.

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