Sunday, March 28, 2010

Samurai Tours

Has anyone had any experience with Samurai Tours, a company out of Colorado that conducts tours in Japan? If so, I would appreciate an evaluation of your experience with them.

Thank you,


Samurai Tours

Hi Sara,

I am taking the Best of Japan tour with Samurai Tours in late September. I would be happy to relate my experience with them to you when I get back. So far, Mike, the owner of Samurai Tours, has gotten me tickets to the Ghibli Museum and a Yomiuri Giants game (at my request) and even given me his room at the Ryokan Asakusa Shigetsu (I signed up for the tour late and the Shigetsu was full). So far, so good but...we%26#39;ll see.

If I forget to get back to you, just send me a PM.

Samurai Tours

We took their tour in September 2007 and really loved it. The itinerary, food and accomodations were great (although you must be willing to do it Japanese style) and we saw some truly unique sights. The group was small, which made it easy to keep things moving. The tour was led by Mike Roberts, the owner, and he did a fabulous job of keeping us all sorted out and happy. He speaks Japanese, and we had native Japanese guides in several cities, all of whom were really terrific. This is really a fine company and Mike has a great feel for catering to all types of interests. We heartily endorse Samurai Tours to those thinking about traviling with them.

Thanks, peteric, for the post. I%26#39;ve not had much luck finding someone who has actually traveled with them, and my son and I are booked for this July.

They seem great up front, and we were really interested in a more authentic ryokan experience, but it is good to know that the trip for you was so positive.

Hello Sara. Did you ever get more than one response to your inquiry about Samurai Tours? And did you go on their tour? We plan to go to Japan very soon (in March) and may use their services.

Thanks for any insight and tips you may have!


Randi Lewis

My Dad is also looking at going with Samurai Tours next year, so any other experiences would be greatly appreciated!!


Dave the son

When planning our trip to Japan, we came upon the Samurai tour name, but no local travel agent, AAA, or Japanese Tourist Bureau in New York had ever heard of them. It was through raindog%26#39;s correspondence on Trip Advisor that our final decision was make. We never regretted it!!

My husband and I went on the May 2008 spring tour, led by Mike Roberts, the owner. We agree completely with peteric about a most fantastic experience. We left for the tour 2 days early, were met at the airport by a Samurai representative who accompanied us to the ryokan on our first train ride. Spent the first day going to Mt. Fuji. We planned to stay a couple of extra days after the tour, and by that time were comfortable enough to travel like the locals to visit other temples and/or shrines on our own. During the tour we went to Kabuki theater, watched Sumo wrestling, and because of the size of the group (16) went to unusual and delicious local restaurants that larger groups could not do. Ryokans were very hospitable, but at an active age 70 now, if we returned for a second visit, we would try to have a Western style room more often.

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