Sunday, March 28, 2010

JR & logistics

Travelling with partner and 13mth old baby

We were looking at a 7 day pass to get Shinkansan Osaka-Tokyo-Kyoto and for use locally while in Tokyo. Is the pass more economical than just buying a return Shinkansan and paying for local travel??


JR %26amp; logistics

Generally speaking yes, if done within 7 days.

Roundtrip from Tokyo to Osaka already comes out to about 27,000 yen, add on top of local JR trains in Osaka or Tokyo it pays off.

Kyoto doesn%26#39;t have many JR trains in it so additional costs need to be paid for buses etc, but already for the long distance trips it pays off.

JR %26amp; logistics

Thanks heaps! The exchange rate makes it seem so costly - it%26#39;s good to know that we are actually getting value for money :)

The roundtrip itself is almost worth the cost of the pass. Remember to squeeze in a ride to Kansai Airport too. From Osaka, the ride is worth 1,160 Yen and from Kyoto, it%26#39;s worth 2,980 Yen.

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