Sunday, March 28, 2010

Route 292 Closed?

Hey, leaving for Japan tomorrow and printing driving directions from Ueda city to Kusatsu Onsen. I read somewhere that route 292 is closed until April 22. Is that just by Mount Shirane? I%26#39;m guessing they don%26#39;t close the whole thing, but I wouldn%26#39;t be able to find another way if I couldn%26#39;t come up through r144-59-r292 into Kusatsu. Anyone know anything about this? Also, should I request snow tires (I am from colorado, so I%26#39;m used to lots of snow)? Thanks!

Route 292 Closed?

Yes, part of Route 292 is closed until April 22, but this is NOT affect to your route. From Kusatsu onsen to Shiga Kogen(Nagano prefecture) is closed.


also you had better request tire chain or snow tire.

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