Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Just a quick thank you!

Now that we are home, I just wanted to extend a thank you to everyone who answered my numerous posts over the past months and while we were in Tokyo. Honestly, your help made all the difference on several occasions.

Here are some things you all helped with....

The Keio Plaza hotel....perfect in every respect. Zero complaints. We were in a premium room, 36th floor of the main tower with a room directly facing the government building. We had front row seats via our window for the start of the Tokyo marathon. Extremely convenient location, so easy to get back from the Shinjuku station. Bed was so comfy, sheets crisp, toilet seat heated (LOL), room was spotless. Our room was always done by the time we returned (some days that was as early as noon). Did not eat at the restaurants.

Pasmo card....thank you! Oh my golly did that make life easy. We mostly took the metro, but sometimes JR too, so having Pasmo made our lives so simple. Even used it on the bus in Kamakura.

phone rental....what peace of mind this gave us. We NEVER would have known about this possibility if it had not been for TA. Rental for 2 phones for 8 days was cheaper than buying new phones. Since we were separated a lot due to hubby%26#39;s conference, having the two phones was invaluable. Also, the peace of mind that family back home could reach us anytime was so nice.

day trip to Kamakura....finally decided on Kamakura over Nikko simply due to exhaustion and time. But we felt we were fully informed on our choices. Kamakura was lovely and plenty to fill the day (any more would have been too much).

100 yen shops.....what can I say? the money savings for the stationary alone was worth it. Also just having a destination for my explorations while hubby was working was fun. It took me nearly 2 hours to find the one in the Pepe building, but I sure had fun trying. Took me less than 20 minutes to find my way back! LOL

Oriental Bazaar.....great store to browse. Nice t-shirts. Had I wanted kimonos, this was the place to get them!

Airport limo bus...this has to be the biggest thing you all helped with. Since I do not sleep on airplanes, this was the best way to get to the Keio. It was brainlessly simple. So convenient, no stress.....perfect. This advice alone was worth my time on TA! It is not the cheapest or fastest way to and from Narita, but it has to be the easiest.

fish market....I think this was my favorite activity we did! NEVER would we have ventured into the back of the market were it is so crazy if I had not read the right way to do it on TA. It was so fun!

I know there are other things you all helped me with, but right now I am so jet lagged I am sure I am forgetting some. We just got home yesterday after an event less flight....took off 2 hours before that Fed Ex plane crashed, how lucky were we! We flew on the non-stop United Dulles-Tokyo. Had wonderful flight crews both ways.

I really did not expect to like Tokyo. But now, after being there, I would not hesitate to go back. I really think the help I received here on TA made a big difference for me.

Thank you!!!!!

Just a quick thank you!

Now, you%26#39;re a Tokyo expert!

I JUST found this site a few days ago, and it is FAN-TASTIC. The people here are just the best.

Informative, smart, and knowledgeable - the people here provide a GREAT service.

Glad you had a great time, even though I didn%26#39;t help with your planning!

Just a quick thank you!

Hi, Suzibell,

Please come again. So glad everything worked out well! Recently I%26#39;ve been pondering a lot more when I walk through a crowded train station and see tourists -- could I ';know'; them from TA??? :-)

Yes, jet lag gets the mind pretty confused. Just FYI, the Fed Ex flight crashed at 6:48 am. (Very sad.) United%26#39;s Dulles flight is usually at 4 pm. Narita isn%26#39;t a 24-hour airport, due to the noise rules. I hope your flight was on time and left the day before!

The best way to combat jet lag is to get back on your local time ASAP, get some SUN and do a physical activity -- like walking around a mall or a supermarket!



Sounds like you had a great time in Tokyo. I%26#39;m so glad to know that TA was a big help to you. I must say that this forum is the best around. I%26#39;m constantly impressed by the knowledge and kindness of the fellow members. Thank you for taking the time to post. It%26#39;s nice to get feedback when you give advice.

I%26#39;m glad you had a good trip and loved Kamakura. I got to make it back there one of these days myself!

Thanks for letting us know how your trip went. I agree with Shibuyakko...lots of nice helpful people here.

This brings a huge smile to my face and probably to many others here.

%26lt;%26lt;%26lt;I really did not expect to like Tokyo. But now, after being there, I would not hesitate to go back. I really think the help I received here on TA made a big difference for me.%26gt;%26gt;%26gt;


Glad to hear your feedback. It makes me wonder why so many folks I know avoid Japan and particularly Tokyo. If you have another chance and venture beyond Tokyo, it gets even better.


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