Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hokkaido in early May

Hi, I have booked a 7 days tour in Hokkaido this coming 1st May with 3 days extension. I got 4 questions which I hope all the experts here can help enlighten me:

1) I heard that it%26#39;s too early for cherry blossoms... any place which I may catch a glimpse in Hokkaido, Matsume park ?

2) How about tulips ? Kamuyubetsu is well known for them ? is it very far from sapporo and will i get to see them in full blossom around 7-9th May (during my entension cos%26#39; most tour gps don%26#39;t cover that area)

3) I wanted to book the famous Kourakuen with private onsen which has been highly recommended by travel experts in this forum....will it be too late to book in mid April cos%26#39; I hear my tour clashes with the Golden week but I can only confirm my extension then.

4)Any place you will higly recommend me to visit during my 3 days extension ?

Hokkaido in early May

Kourakuen: only they can answer the availability question. You can send them an email direct as they can respond in English.


Regarding where to visit during your extension, you haven%26#39;t posted what places you are going during the tour so it%26#39;s not possible to recommend.

Hokkaido in early May

Hi Sammyfloyd,

Below is our tour itinerary:

Day 1 Chitose

Day 2 Otaru -Sapporo

Day 3 Sapporo-Furano-Biei-Sounkyo

Day 4 Sounkyo -Asahikawa-Jozankei

Day 5 Jozankei - Lake Toya -Noboribetsu

Day 6 Noboribetsu - Sapporo

Day 7 Sapporo-Chitose (end of tour with tour gp)

After we part with our tour group at Chitose airport, I plan to go to the Chitose airport hotel to check in our heavier lugugges

P.S( I plan to book my last night stay(Day 9)at the Mitsui Urban Airport hotel since our flight is a early flight at 8am.)

Day 7 After leaving lugugge at chitose- travel to Otaru and check in Kourakuen onsen

Day 8 Chitose- sapporo-Kamiyubetsu (tulip farm)

Day 9 unplanned

Day 10 Chitose- monring flight back home

This is what I have in mind at the moment... any suggestion ?

Kamuyubetsu Tulip Park in on the eastern coast of Hokkaido, quite a long way from Sapporo.


Hi William,

I know but the photos look so beautiful.... really feel like visiting

If you are going all the way to the east, consider seeing also pink moss in the following parks (blooming time is also around May-June):



Last year at the start of May (Golden Week) we went for a drive around Hakodate, to Matsumae and up the coast to Sapporo. The cherry blossoms were at their peak in Matsumae, and just starting in Sapporo. But then again, last year was very warm at Golden Week!

This year has been a little colder so far. But it%26#39;s hard to time the cherry blossoms. You could try doing a search for the Cherry Blossom Front on Google.

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