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Elephant statue at Ueno Zoo

I searched the internet but can%26#39;t find anything. There is a story The Faithful Elephants that talks about 3 elephants being starved to death in WWII at the Ueno zoo. The book says that there is a tombstone or elephant statue near the elephants. I%26#39;m a teacher and would like to take a picture to show my students of this statue or tombstone. Does anyone know if it exists. That would be the main reason for me visitng Ueno Zoo.

Elephant statue at Ueno Zoo

Sorry but unable to help you with the Faithful Elephant but there is a lovely story about a famous japanese dog who waited for his master to arrive home every day from the train day the master didn%26#39;t arrive and the faithful dog kept waiting at the station for his return for the following 10 years...a monument was erected near Shibuya Station, Tokyo (I think) and the dog can be seen at the museum in Ueno...

Someone with more knowledge may be able to clarify the details for you...

There have been many movies made about the story and all of them tug at the heart strings

Elephant statue at Ueno Zoo

Thanks, that%26#39;s Hachiko. Yes, I%26#39;m going to the Hachiko statue to take a picture there. It just dawned on me that the elephant statues may be a fiction part of that story.

It was a very sad sad story. They even tried to perform in order to get some food.

The memorial tombstones including other animals are across from the elephant section.

Other sad story is going on in Kenya. We adopted a baby orphan elephant in Kenya whose mother was killed by poachers. There are many more coming into the rescue camp everyday including rinos. If you%26#39;d like to find out more about this program, please visit:

It is a world renowned %26amp; respected organization. We know people there. you happen to know how far from the entrance the elephants are. I%26#39;m going to the zoo just for this. Since I don%26#39;t speak or read Japanese this really helps. I will have a friend interpret the article for me. The picture really helps. We do a whold study on WWII so to show pictures to my students would be so valuable for them.

This mentions the three elephants. Print out the zoo map.

Shots of Hachiko can be seen here:

I shot the statue and the real one at the National Museum (Science?) in Ueno.

Anybody wants to read the tear flowing story of the three elephants for your kids %26amp; schools:…

Or book:

Faithful Elephants: A True Story of Animals, People, and War (Paperback) by Yukio Tsuchiya

Another pic. of the memorial.

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