Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ocean Tokyu Ferry

I%26#39;ll be dropping off my travel companion on a boat in Yokohama at around 7-8 P.M. on April 10th and will have until the 12th to get to Nartia for my flight back to Budapest. I have a JR Rail pass that will be good for the entire time. I was thinking about the following itinerary:

1) take the train (combination of LTD.EXP SUNRISE IZUMO, JR Marine Liner and LTD.EXP UZUSHIO 3) from Yokohama to Tokushima. The JR timetable said this would leave Yokohama at 10:30 and get to Tokushima at 9:30 the next morning.

2) I%26#39;d take the Ocean Tokyu Ferry from Tokushima to Tokyo (11:30 Am to 5:30 Am I think according to their website)

3) I%26#39;d take public transport from the ferry terminal to Nartia to catch my flight at 10:25 AM on April 12th

Which leaves me with the following questions:

Will this work time wise? Especially getting from the Tokyo Ferry Dock to Narita with enough time to check-in and board.

How do I order the ferry ticket?

Is this worth it? I will be spending five days in Tokyo over the course of my trip but would definitely be open to any other suggestions about how to spend the time from the 10th to the 12th.


Ocean Tokyu Ferry

Assuming the ferry arrives on time in Tokyo, you should have plenty of time to catch your flight at Narita.

The ferry arrives at Ariake Terminal, which is not the most convenient for public transport.

The ferry operator has a van that shuttles passengers to the nearest station (Kokusaitenjijo/Rinkai Line) for a fee of 200 yen. The van holds 9 pax, and is first come first serve. You need exact change.

There are a couple of different ways to get to Narita by public transport, both require a couple of train changes, unfortunately.

Method 1 - Rinkai Line to Shinkiba, change to Musashino Line to Nishifunabashi, then change again to Chuo Line (local) to Funabashi. Walk across the street to the Keisei station and take the Skyliner to Narita. Cost 2,530 yen, takes about 2 hours.

Method 2 - Rinkai Line to Oimachi, change to Keitohoku Line to Nippori, change to Keisei Line, Skyliner to Narita. Cost 2,450 yen, also about 2 hours.

Probably Method 2 is the easiest.

There are some variations to the above. You could get off the Keihintohoku Line at Tokyo and take the NEX, but it would cost more and be a less convenient transfer.

Ocean Tokyu Ferry

Seems like a lot of travel in your last few days. Maybe I am a little paranoid, but I don%26#39;t like a lot of travel the day leading up to when I would fly out of Japan. Realistically you have to be at Narita airport about 2 hours before you fly out.

All you need is one little thing to go wrong on the ferry, the connection, etc and you may miss your flight. Why not just get back to Tokyo the night before you depart and enjoy that last night?

I know it is Japan and things rarely go wrong on transport, but they still can go wrong. There were a lot of delays earlier this week even on subway lines and local JR lines due to wind storm.

Hi, Creade,

I took a ferry years ago to and from Tokyo to Hyuga (near Miyazaki, Kyushu). We wanted to drive around southern Kyushu and didn%26#39;t want to drive all way down and back. To be honest, you won%26#39;t get much of a ';view.'; The boat travels far from shore, and although you might get to meet people who are on the ';same boat'; (boat travelers are often very friendly as you are all sharing the same time and space together) and get lots of sea breeze in your face, there isn%26#39;t much to see and do.

Tokushima is in Shikoku on another island. It%26#39;s nowhere near Yokohama. Is there any special reason for wanting to go there? Once you drop off your friend, it%26#39;ll be night on the 10th. Technically, you%26#39;ll only have one full day on the 11th as you need to be at the airport in Narita by 8:30 am on the 12th. Tokushima is awfully far.

You might fare better staying in Yokohama on the 10th, going to Kamakura on the 11th or even heading towards Narita on the 11th, checking out the temples and shrines in Tokyo (Asakusa), plus Narita-san, and staying in Narita on the 11th so you won%26#39;t be rushed on the morning of the 12th.

Japan might look small on a map, but it%26#39;s a half-day affair even to get to Shinkoku by plane from Haneda!

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