Sunday, March 28, 2010

Two and a half hour layover enough?

I%26#39;m headed to Japan(leaving from Washington DC) next month and wondered if a 2.5 hour layover is enough time to catch a connecting flight to Itami(Osaka)? There is another flight with a 5 hour layover to Kansai(Osaka). Do arriving passsengers have to clear customs and collect your bags like you do in the US when arriveng from abroad and connecting? If so, how long does it take? Flight into Tokyo from DC is on All Nippon, anyone know there on time arrival statistics?

Thanks for any and all help

Two and a half hour layover enough?

The first time I landed in Narita - it was a madhouse. (Just one of those days I guess.)

Probably a good 90 minutes + to clear customs. (Super efficient and orderly though, they really hustled people through.)

The second time -- 15 minutes.

The Tokyo experts will weigh in on Wednesday, and they will give you their take.

My initial reaction is yes, you%26#39;ll make it -- BUT, they%26#39;ll know for sure.

Two and a half hour layover enough?

You should have enough time to make your connection.

Yes, 2.5 hours should be enough. Even though Narita immigration is notoriously slow during the afternoon peak hours (when your flight likely arrives from the US), you should still normally get through the process and customs within one hour, leaving you enough time for connection.

Note that if you are flying ANA domestically, be sure to check-in all the way to Itami from DC so you get your onward boarding pass and the Itami luggage tags.

Thanks everybody! You provided the ressurance I was looking for.

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