Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Edo Wonderland

Hi, I%26#39;ve been perusing the forums regarding a trip we are planning to Japan in two years, trying to glean information to make some decisions regarding when to go (looking at June as we%26#39;d be able to manage 2 weeks anytime June-Aug, only other choice with two weeks available is Christmas) and what to see. I came across references to an Edo Wonderland park at Karakura Nikko-city, Tochigi. The pictures and discription I found on an English site look very interesting, but the website for the spot is entirely in Japanese. My daughter speaks rudimentary Japanese at present. I was just wondering if the place would not be enjoyable to people like us that don%26#39;t really speak Japanese? Trying to find some sort of Japanese lessons for my daughter, but we live in small town Texas. If we were in Dallas or Houston metro area, might be possible, and I keep hunting for say a language immersion camp for her in those areas. Any information on Edo Wonderland appreciated.

Edo Wonderland

It%26#39;s in English - www.edowonderland.net/nikko_e/index.html

Edo Wonderland

June is often wet (rainy season) and when that ends, it%26#39;s unbearably hot and humid.

I would plan your trip at Christmas. The lights are spectacular.

Edo Wonderland might have snow, though.

Happy planning!

Thanks, we will consider Christmas. Although, as Texans, we%26#39;re probably more used to hot humid than we are to snow. LOL Found the English website, thanks! The link on the English website that led to the site originally went only to the Japanese version. My daughter and her friend would absolutely love the park, and we think we may need to plan more than one day there as they want to take one of the fun and learning culture tours.

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