Friday, March 26, 2010

JR train separated which part of it on journey

Hi Amazinga,

Thanks for your quick response to my query for the Kyoto Imperial Palace, am glad we might be able to do it. We%26#39;ll give it a try when we get there. You have brightened my day. We are leaving this Sunday 29/3/09

Another question if you can help or anyone from the forum, we are going to Hiroshima, Hakone, Takayama,and Nikko for day trips and understand that some train break off in the middle and the other half goes off.

Do any of the above areas we are visiting affected?

If so, which part of the train shall we sit or we can ask the reservation people when we reserve our seats.

OR will they allocate us the actual carriage where we are going?

Thanks to all who have contributed so much in the forum makes things easier for us to plan our trip especially those regular TA.

JR train separated which part of it on journey

In relation to trains going to Nikko and Hakone, I recall it being clearly marked or announced in English which cars were going where. It depends on the train you take, not all trains are like that.

If you are taking a reserved seating train, they will assign you to a train car that goes to the place you need to.

If you are going in a unreserved car or local regular trains, pay attention to signs and listen to announcements to see you are on the correct car.

JR train separated which part of it on journey

Thanks Tokyosubway, we%26#39;ll keep an eye on where the train going and also probably check with reservation clerk when booking seats.

Thanks once again for your quick response.

Very excited to see the beautiful land of the rising sun.


It will say so on your ticket. They will not seat you in the wrong car, just be aware that bathrooms are not in all cars. Be in the correct one when they make the break.

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