Friday, March 26, 2010

Park Hyatt or Ritz Carlton? Which is better?

I%26#39;ll be staying in Tokyo this May for 6 nights. I%26#39;m already booked for 3 nights at the Peninsula and want to stay the other 3 nights at either the Park Hyatt or Ritz Carlton.

Which hotel has a better location? Any thoughts are appreciated.

Park Hyatt or Ritz Carlton? Which is better?

Park Hyatt is a wonderful 5 star hotel, famous as the location for ';lost in Translation.';. The location on the top of the Tokyo Gas Building in a remote part of Shinjuku is the problem. Unless you have business in Shinjuku I would recommend the RC instead.

RC is located on the top of the Midtown Bldg in a new and striking multi use development. It%26#39;s the former site of the defense ministry that has been turned into major office/shopping/entertainment complex. It%26#39;s also close to Roppongi Hills and the temptations of Roppongi.

Park Hyatt or Ritz Carlton? Which is better?

It depends on what you mean be a better location. The Park Hyatt is in a quiet business district (compared to the other side of Shinjuku) and if you%26#39;re looking for peace and quiet then this is the place. The Ritz is in Roppongi so if you%26#39;re into crazy nightlife with tons of youngish foreigners then you will find plenty there. I%26#39;ve only stayed at the Park Hyatt and it%26#39;s way over the top for me in terms of luxury.

There are probably 100 people out of 100 here who will disagree with me but I still like the Okura for its class, service, dignity and charm. These newer modern hotels have a lot of comfort, style and luxury bordering on gaudiness in some cases, but really lack the charm of the Okura. Again, everyone will probably disagree with my assessment.

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