Friday, March 26, 2010

Rent A Car

Dear all,

I am planning to go to Shirahama for Onsen and realized that to get there is not cheap to travel from Osaka (either by JR + Bus or Just bus)

I am thinking of staying 2 days in those area so I will drive from Umeda to Shirahama. (Probably around 48 hours or 2-3 days)

I have been searching the Car Rent and here%26#39;s what I found:

Can anyone suggest some cheap deal or do you have any recommendation on your favorite car rent shop?

Thanks a lot for your help!

Rent A Car

Tocoo typically gives you the cheapest, particularly if you rent from Mazda. I have rented multiple times in Japan and searched the other rental outlets. I have yet to find one cheaper than Tocoo.

My suggestion is you don%26#39;t rent from Umeda. Picking up and returning a car from Osaka city center will mean being stuck in traffic for hours. Kansai Airport is actually a good location as it%26#39;s on the way to Shirahama and you miss most of the city traffic.

Make sure you have an International Driver%26#39;s Permit.

Rent A Car

thanks Sammyfloyd.

I am staying in kyoto for the first 2 night.

and planning to stay one more night in umeda.

do you have any suggestion for the traffic then?

What can I do if I choose to take the car from umeda? Or you think it worth to spend more money to travel all the way to Kansai airport to pick up the car?

Thanks for the suggestion.

If you pick up from Kansai Airport, the toll charge on expressways to Shirahama is 2,950 Yen. If you pick up from Umeda, the toll charge is 4,350 Yen. Therefore, the train fares aren%26#39;t as much as you think since it%26#39;s partially offset by the reduced toll. Also, you save all the time of stress and traffic.

An even better possibility is to rent from Wakayama. The toll charge to Shirahama would then be 2,200 Yen. The train ticket from Osaka to Wakayama is 1,210 Yen and you will get to avoid all the Osaka traffic. If you don%26#39;t have more than two in your party, it%26#39;s quite a worthwhile alternative. You will also be able to reach Shirahama in 90 minutes instead of almost 3 hours from Umeda.

Thank you!

I think I will pick up the car from wakayama instead and also spend another night at nagisaya.

Appreciate your help!

Dear all,

I have a quick question: if I would like to return the car after 8pm (the shop close @ 8pm). Will that be possible? How will the charge like? Do they usuaully have a spot where I can drop my car?

Please let me know. thank you!

The Tocoo partner outlets do not allow you to return outside the working hours (see their FAQ section).

Nippon rent-a-car has some 24 hour locations. However, the rates are usually a bit higher.

Thank you Sammyfloyd!

I have 1 more question:

Does it usually cost extra $ if there is an additional driver? (like the case in the states)

As the driving will probably be 4 hours one way. I am considering having my wife to help me driving.

Or it%26#39;s just different from company to company?

Additional drivers should be free. Just make sure both of you have an IDP.

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