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Tokto Inn Narita - transport from train station or airport.


I have a room booked at the Tokyo-Inn Narita for the last night of my trip ready for my early morning flight the following day.

I will be in Kyoto and have to travel from Kyoto to the hotel. I will try to arrive as late as possible making the most of my last day in Japan so i will leave late from Kyoto or Tokyo if i stop off there as i have seen there is not much to do in Narita on an evening.

There is a free shuttle from the airport to the hotel but i cannot see the times for some reason on the website so i was wondering for advice on how to get to the hotel. I will be arriving by train. Will a taxi from the train station be expensive?

Any advice is appreciated!



Tokto Inn Narita - transport from train station or airport.

So far as I can see there is no Tokto or Tokyo Inn at Narita. Do you mean the Toyoko Inn? If so there is a review on TA showing no shuttle after 9.00pm and a very expensive taxi fare.

Tokto Inn Narita - transport from train station or airport.

erm it%26#39;s this one:

Tokyo Inn Narita Kuko...this is getting complicated.

Basically someone else has booked my hotel but i will be travelling there alone, is this the one you meant with the high taxi fare? I presumed it was an airport hotel for some reason and planned on getting there later than 9.




If you look at the TA reviews for the hotel, you will see one dated Jul 16,2006 saying that the taxi fare is $210 but this person clearly thought that he had to get a taxi from Tokyo. I am certain it would not cost much at all to taxi it from the airport, assuming the shuttle has stopped.

A word of warning on getting a late Shinkansen from Kyoto. I once tried to do that only to find that all trains were cancelled. I have no idea why. In your situation I would send any heavy bags to the airport in advance and aim to arrive in Tokyo around 6.00pm or so. Spend an hour or two there and then head for the airport. You are quite right in trying to avoid spending too much time at Narita. I have stayed in three different hotels there and they were all run down and shabby, not at all like the hotels in Tokyo itself.

All the best,


Hello Jo, we have also booked our last night at the Toyoko-Inn Narita - have you been yet and how was it.

We will be taking the Train from Tokyo to Airport %26amp; then I guess calling the shuttle to get the Hotel.

I see that the prices offer Supper %26amp; Breakfast the next morning, do let me know how that turns out.

tks Lynn

Hi Lynn,

Yes i have finished my trip now. I got the last Narita Express to the airport and then it%26#39;s a short walk which is well sign-posted to the bus terminals.

It is only a 10min journey fron Narita to the hotel but depending on what time you leave in the morning it may take a little longer due to traffic. Also the bus seemed to leave a few minutes early each way.

I didn%26#39;t try the supper as i got there so late i just headed up to the room. The room was really nice, very spacious and big comfy beds. In the lobby they have free internet access so you could do online check in if your airline allows it to save you time at the airport. (Also if you are taking liquids under 100ml take a clear bag with you as they don%26#39;t supply these at Narita, i was directed to a shop)

Breakfast was ok, nothing special. I%26#39;m not a big fan of Japanese food (as i don%26#39;t eat fish/seafood) so the variety for me was slightly limited but this was expected really as i was in Japan :)

Any other questions, let me know and enjoy your trip!


I just went around to reading the TripAdvisor review, and that poster must of been seriously confused, as it sounds like he took a Taxi from TOKYO rather then from Narita.

Actual taxi fare from Narita shouldn%26#39;t cost too much.

This is for future reference for anyone interested in the hotel.

Hi Jodi, thanks for the info. We have decided to spend our last night in Tokyo instead and have changed our hotel.

But good to hear the hotel was ok.


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