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Tokyo to Toyama

I read about the ';snow walls'; in Toyama and I%26#39;m keen to go there. How does one get from Tokyo to Toyama? And how do we go about sightseeing in Toyama? Is it necessary to rent a car? Or are there local buses that takes us around Toyama.

How many days would be sufficient?

Any recommendations on budget accomodations would also be appreciated.

I%26#39;m intending to go in either May or June. Heard that June is a rainy season. Would May be a better choice?


Tokyo to Toyama

The place is called ';Tateyama Kurobe Alpaine Route.'; Snow wall will be ended on May 15. Summer and Autumn are nice, too. Here is official web-page (Japanese/English/Korean/Chinese):


It%26#39;s in Japanese language tour, but ';Hato Bus'; company has tours from Shijuku.

One Day:


1N2D, visit the route, Shirakawa-go and Takayama:


1N2D, visit the route, Unazuki Onsen, and Azumino:


Use online translation to read these Japanese webs. Select 日-英.


If you like to do the travel individual, 2N3D or 3N4D are sufficient depend on your route. Prefer accommodations in Toyama City, Murodo, Unazuki Onsen or Shinano Oomachi in Nagano. If you like to go to the Alpine route, car rental is not suitable. Only commercial car is allowed to drive on Tateyama Kurobe Alpine roads. I suggest you take a fly to Toyama then sightseeing in the Alpine route by a bus and private company trains and then back to JR train or JR highway bus Matsumoto in Nagano Pref. to Shinjuku. You can go Matsumoto and Shinano Oomachi first is fine.

I hope my infor help you.

Tokyo to Toyama

Thanks June. I think I would need a lot of help in translating the stuff. But I%26#39;ll see what I can do. ;)

I appreciate it.

Unfortunately, i can%26#39;t travel before 15 May. Does it mean the buses don%26#39;t go there in late May?


The bus runs during the season time.

The Alpine route is closed after December 1 because of heavy snow and re-open on early April. This year will be April 10 partly on the route and all way of the route is on April 17. Snow Wall walking is a kind of ';event'; and the time is between April 17 to May 31. May is fine to see snow walls!

After it, it is great hiking and sightseeing season in there!

Please check everything on their official site. It is in English/Korean/Chinese; English one is:



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