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21 Days in Japan Kumamoto to Tokyo

Here%26#39;s an Itinerary I have for Japan, will be there in May 2009 - if anyone can let me know if I%26#39;ve missed some important stuff to see, we%26#39;ll have a 21 day JR Pass %26amp; will be using subway/streetcar/buses along the way. Will probably buy a SUICA Card in Tokyo from what I%26#39;ve read seems to be the easiest way.

I%26#39;ve listed the places in order that I think we should see them, otherwise let me know.

Kumamoto: JR Pass %26amp; City Bus

Day 1 - Reigando Cave

Day 2 - Kumamoto Castle %26amp; Hosakawa Gyobu %26amp; Suizenji Jojuen Park

Day 3 - Mt. Aso

Day 4 - Kokai Market in AM, Sun Road Shinshigai, Namikizaka, Kawashiri Shopping Area


Day 5 - Travel to Beppu on JR, walk around Beppu - Nogamikonkan Ryoan for 2 nights

Day 6 - Visit Town? Night Stroll in Back Alley (Tour on Foot)


Day 7 - travel to Hiroshima on JR, arrive approx 14:49 - bring bags to Tokoyo-Inn Higashi-Hiroshima Ekimae - Visit Peace Memorial Park %26amp; head to Okonomi Village and have dinner there

Day 9 - Miyajima by JR %26amp; Ferry - Itsukushima Shrine, walk around Miyajima and head back to Hiroshima - walk around Hiroshima at night

Himeji %26amp; Kyoto:

Day 10 - Travel to Himeji onJR, arrive approx 11:53, put luggage in Himeji Station - visit Himeji Castle %26amp; Kokoen Garden

Travel to Kyoto @16:59 arrive at 17:27 and head to Shunkoin Temple - need to check in before 18:30 - walk around Kyoto and have dinner

Day 11 - Nishiki Market @ 9:00 am - Nishi %26amp; Higashi Hongaji - Kyoto Imperial Palace - go back to Shunkoin Temple and fine somewhere to eat dinner??

Kyoto %26amp; Osaka:

Day 12: Put luggage at Kyoto Stn, head to Nijojo Castle - Nijo Jinya (hopefully on 14:00 tour) - head back to Kyoto STN and go to Observation Deck - then to Kyoto Tower

Travel Kyoto to Osaka on JR around 18:22 - hopefully Osaka Visitors INfo will be open - head to Toyoko-Inn Osaka JR Noda Ekimae - check in, walk around Osaka and find somewhere to eat

Day 13: Kuromon Ichiba market - Osaka Castle - Shitennoji - Sumiyoshi-taisha Shrien, Shinsaigbashi-suji Shotengai for some shopping - head back to hotel

Day 14: Travel to Nara on JR, get there approx 12:00 - Nara Park - Todaiji Temple - Kofukuji Temple - Naramachi - head back to JR Station

Travel Nara to Kobe @ 16:18 get there approx 18:00 - go to Nankinmachi and have dinner

Travel Kobe - Osaka and head to Hotel


Day 15: go to Osaka Stn and store luggage then head out to: Tenjimbashi Suji - lunch - Floating Garden Observator

Travel Osaka to Kanazawa @ 13:42 get there at 16:25 head to Toyoko-Inn Kanazawa-eki Higashi-Guichi and check in - have dinner somwhere - get on ';Light-up Bus Tour';

Day 16: Castle Park %26amp; Kenrokuen Garden, then head to Nagamachi District: Nomura-ke, Shinise Kinenkan Museum - Maeda Tosankami-ke Shiryokan, Ashigaru Shiryokan Museum, Kaga Hanshi - if time head to Nishi Chaya District %26amp; Myoryuji Temple - back to hotel


Day 17: Luggage @ Kanazawa Station - head out to Omicho Market

Travel Kanazawa to Nagoya @ 11:46 arrive at 14:21 - head to Toyoko-Inn Sakuradori-guichi Honkan and check-in or drop off bags - walk around Nagoya - go to JR Central Towers - Panaroma Salon for coffee

Day 18: Luggage @ Nagoya Station - Nagoya Castle @ 9:30 am - leave Castle @ noon - go to Toyota Kaikan Exhibition for 2 hr Tour @ 2:00 pm (hopefully still trying to reserve this) - return trip to Nagoya Stn - eat dinner at Station

Travel Nagoya to Tokyo @ 16:22 arrive approx 20:10 - make our way to Toyoko-Inn Asakusa for 4 nights


Day 19: Edo-tokyo Museum in Ryogoku and walk around Ryogoku - head to Sensoji Temple %26amp; walk around there - take Boat on Sumida River from Asakusa to Odaiba - take Yurikamone elevated train over the bridge to Shimbashi Station - Shiodome Stn and walk around there then head back to Hotel in Asakusa

Day 20: Imperial Palace %26amp; East Gardens, subway to Shibuyu walk to Harajuku Station - Meiji Shrine - take JR to Shinjuku - Skyscrape District - Tokyo Metropolitan Govt Office - Shinjuku Central Park and hang around there at night

Day 20: Tsukiji Fish Market @ 6:00 - will have to take cab there from Asakusa - does anyone know how much this may cost - 6 people going?

from Tsukiji head to Ginza District and walk around for a bit - go to Akihabara Station and along Chuo Dori - head over to Yebisu Garden Place and eventually back to Hotel in Asakusa

Day 21: Last Day - check out of hotel and

Head to Shinagawa Station, store luggage at Station????

visit Sengaku-ji and have lunch around the Station -

Need to be at NARITA @ 16:30 or so - from Shinagawa go to Tokyo Station, take Narita Express @ 15:16 and arrive at Narita @ 16:32

Thanks for your help.


21 Days in Japan Kumamoto to Tokyo

Seems fine to me. Is Kumamoto your point of arrivial into Japan?

btw from Beppu you will probably need to change trains at Kokura-- if I am correct, you take the Sonic (JR Kyushu) up to Kokura, then change to Shinkansen (Hikari Rail Star, don%26#39;t take slower Kodama) to Hiroshima.

21 Days in Japan Kumamoto to Tokyo

I agree that this is doable but only if the rest of your party is enthusiastic as you are. Even if you have experience touring Japan, this will be a lot of work on your part to drag the other 5. If you got to only 75% of these places, consider it an accomplishment.

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