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8 day Tokyo itinerary: Any suggestions/comments?

My husband and I are going to Japan for the first time on April 10. We鈥檒l be based at Citadines Shinjuku which is near Shinjuku Goenmae station. I would like to do some shopping (clothes, stationery 鈥?can鈥檛 wait to see Loft and Tokyu Hands!!, electronics, quirky Japanese stuff), and check out a few museums. We will probably not worry about seeing many parks/shrines/temples until we go to Kyoto for 6 nights.

I鈥檝e done this tentative itinerary and was wondering if anyone had suggestions or comments about it. It鈥檚 a bit hard to know if any days are too busy...

Day 1: (Saturday)

10am: Arrive at Narita. Catch the NEX to Shinjuku and then a taxi/subway to Citadines. Afternoon/evening: Spend the rest of the day around Shinjuku (eg Tokyo Metro Gov office, shopping around main Shinjuku station).

Day 2: (Sunday)

Morning: Ikebukuro (Shopping: Sunshine City, Tokyu Hands, Loft)

2pm: Korakuen station (Tokyo Giants game)

Evening: Ginza (Window shopping along Chuo dori ave; see the Sony and Apple stores; maid cafes)

Day 3:

Morning: Tsukiji fish markets for breakfast

Morning/Afternoon: Ryogoku (Edo Tokyo museum)

Afternoon/Evening: Roppoingi (shopping; Mori Art Museum; Tokyo City View; Maybe go to the national art centre)

Day 4:

Shopping day in Harajuku and Shibuya

Day 5:

Morning: Akhihabara (shopping)

Afternoon: Ueno (see either the National Science Museum, Shitamachi museum or the National Museum; shop along Ameya-Yoto black market arcade)

Evening: Asakusa (shopping)

With this day, I鈥檓 not sure if it鈥檚 better to spend the evening in Asakusa or Akhihabara鈥? So perhaps we should do this day in reverse order?

Day 6:

Morning: Marunouchi, Aoyama or Gaienmae (We have the Superfuture guide which says that these are also good areas to shop in)

Afternoon/evening: Odaiba (Emerging science museum, Fuji tv, megaweb, decks, segaworld)

Remaining 2 days: If the weather is clear, we would like to go on day trips to Kamakura and Hakone.

Alternatively, www.Japan-Guide.com suggest that cherry blossums can be seen in Sendai, Niigata or Nagano at that time so we could possibly go to one of those places to see the cherry blossoms...not sure if it鈥檚 worth the money and time it to travel all that way though.

FYI: Day 9 鈥?15: Based in Kyoto: Day trips to Nara, Himeji, Osaka and maybe Hiroshima. Then back to Narita airport to fly out at night. We will use a 7 day JR pass for this part of our trip.

8 day Tokyo itinerary: Any suggestions/comments?

Day 5: Go to Asakusa first, then Ueno and finally, Akihabara.

Otherwise, it looks ok overall. Be sure to have nice comfortable shoes for walking.

8 day Tokyo itinerary: Any suggestions/comments?

looks good. but if you are like me - and i love all those quirky japanese stuff and stationaries - you could spend hours in tokyo hands. there%26#39;s also a huge tokyo hands in shibuya and you could%26#39;n%26#39;t finish it on ikebukuro day. sunshine city is a mall with cheaper japanese clothings than shinjuku, and you might end up spending some time there too.

I would check to see if Sony and Apple are open late on a Sunday night because these two stores are a must if you%26#39;re into tech. Apple has a demo theater that takes-up one floor. Sony has the latest robotics and animation yet to hit the market.

If the sakura is still in bloom, Sendai or Nagano will be a hit. If not, the fare would be expensive for a day trip.

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