Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Annex Katsutaro

Was hoping for some information on Annex Katsutaro. Are the beds comfortable? I have been told that the traditional beds on the floor can be uncomfortable.

Also is it easy to get to? Which train line do we get and is it walking distance to hotel after we get off train?

Any help would be appreciated or other suggested hotels in a similiar budget. Please also suggest where to go and what to see in only a three night stay. Thank you in advance.

Annex Katsutaro

There are no beds. You sleep on tatami, which is technically ';floor'; but it%26#39;s not like concrete or wood. For me, I slept on futon almost 25 years ago for the first time and it was and still is the best night%26#39;s sleep I ever get. It%26#39;s not springy like a mattress but it is extremely comfortable if you can sleep on a firm (firmer than a soft springy mattress) surface. It is much more comfortable than camping and sleeping on an air mattress. If you%26#39;re open-minded and don%26#39;t have any physical disabilities or limitations it should be a very restful way to sleep.

It%26#39;s a bit of a walk but I think the walk is worth it. The neighborhood is EXTREMELY charming, old Tokyo and it%26#39;s really a nice place to stay. You cannot beat it for the price. A good friend of mine stays there multiple times per year and she loves it.

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