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Two weeks in Tokyo. Too long??

I%26#39;ve noticed that most people spend no more than 7 days in Tokyo and was wondering whether this is because of their time constraints or because theres not enough to fill much more time?

I have planned to go to Tokyo with my boyfriend for Two weeks at the very end of September to October... with a night in Hakone and day trips to Nikko and Kamakura.

We%26#39;ll be shopping alot, going to the Studio Ghibli Museum, possibly Edo Museum, exploring Harajuku, Shibuya, Asakusa, Ikebukuro, Akihabara, Shinjuku (where we are staying in the Sunroute Plaza), Odaiba, Ueno etc etc. Since we are very interested in the anime and cutesy things which Toyko has to offer, I figured we would be happy there for two weeks but reading other people%26#39;s itineraries now I%26#39;m not so sure.

Yes, ideally I would looove to go to Kyoto, Hiroshima and other parts of Japan but with our budget its not really possible. We can%26#39;t really afford the JR passes etc.

What do you think? Too long? Or will we be fine? I don%26#39;t want to get there and be stuck for things to do.


Two weeks in Tokyo. Too long??

Are you crazy???!!! lol

I%26#39;m going for 2 weeks and wish i could go for longer. I plan to go to the sorts of places you want to go to.

What i would suggest is look at other peoples write ups and research what they did and you will find lots of cool places to go.

Bear in mind those people who went for a week would probs say to you they would have liked more time there.

Two weeks will give you enough time to chill out, enjoy yourselves and revisit some areas that you loved.

What does anyone else think?

Two weeks in Tokyo. Too long??

You can hit the ';top ten'; tourist attractions in Tokyo in a condensed three-day itinerary, but beyond that there are millions of more low-key things to do in Tokyo. Neighborhoods to explore, parks to stroll through, unique shops and shopping districts, museums and galleries... Even if you never leave the metropolitan area you can occupy yourself every day, and with two full weeks you can do it in a relaxed manner. You will probably end your trip with a long list of things you didn%26#39;t have time for!

If you are into the arts, recommend getting a museum pass, also known as a Grutt pass. It is a great value at 2000 yen. Although unfortunately it doesn%26#39;t cover Ghibli and some other major museums, it does give you free admission to a large number of museums, parks, and other attractions. They also have a deal where for an additional 800 yen you get two one-day metro passes (this is not well advertised in English, so ask about it). I don%26#39;t have a web site link offhand, but you can get details when you arrive in Tokyo. Visit one of the main tourist information centers early on in your trip.

Hi. There are many place to do and see. I am glad to hear you like my place.

I am not a foreign tourist; here is my point of view.

There are weekly apartment, you can save money for accommodation. There is a nice Youth Hotel in Yoyogi, central Tokyo. You can prefer a cheaper and nice hotel in suburbs Tokyo residential area, if you don%26#39;t care to take a commuter train like locals for getting into very central in 30min.

As I learned the words in a school, ';All roads leads to Rome;'; all road leads to Tokyo. Most highways and trains start from Tokyo. So, if you change your mind after staying in Tokyo, you can take trips to other cities easily from Tokyo. Yes, JR is expensive; some JAL/ANA flights are cheaper. Many reasonable/cheap bus tours (but Japanese language) are popular here. Highway buses runs many cities from Tokyo; it is less than JRs. There is train + hotel package to Kyoto, Hiroshima, and etc. To Hakone, Nikko, Kamakura; there are private company trains and they sell sightseeing pass tickets.

Foreign visitors can buy JR pass, so you have to compare with it. JR EAST pass is from 10,000 yen; visit Tohoku region is really beautiful.

I think that you might be a little bored to be in one city for 2 weeks - that even goes for Tokyo. If I was you I would carve out 3 days 2 nights out of your itinerary to visit Kyoto. 4 hours away by Shinkansen, but it%26#39;s such a great experience.

i know its a really long thread


but thats my report on going to japan for 9 days

and its not enough!!!

(photos on page 8)

if you do all your homework...you%26#39;ll find that it doesn%26#39;t cover your days!!!

and i bearly left tokyo!!

i went to yokohama for one day and hakone for a good half day

there%26#39;s so much that i iwsh i had more time for

if you need to ask anything feel free to send me a message

I%26#39;m not sure which JR East pass Junechan was referring to; there was a fabulous 3-day flex pass for 10,000 yen last fall, but it was a temporary deal that has expired.(If they have a new one at this price I%26#39;d love to hear about it! Tohoku is indeed very nice.)

JR East does have a 5-day or a flex-4-day pass for 20,000 yen, and that in itself is an attractive price, but if it were in your budget you could probably afford the transit to Kyoto (for example via highway bus). It takes discipline to stick to a travel budget, and you have to make some tough choices. Don%26#39;t feel bad if you have to save Kyoto for another trip. It%26#39;s a good reason to come back to Japan!

7 days are just a limit as to when most JR passes expire. You can easily spend 2 weeks just digging out anime. If you make it for the festival in Tokyo Dome, you can easily spend 2 days there alone.

What I would do is book the first week only and look for another area while there just to break-up the monotony of being in the same hotel while exploring a different area. You have the flexibility not being there in a peak travel period. I have been upgraded using this method on several occasions, not knowing why other than good PR.

Thanks everyone for your answers. It helps to reassure me!

The problem that I%26#39;m having really is that with expedia I can book my hotel and flight together and save about 拢500 for the two of us.. making it just over 拢1000 each for accomodation and flights. I can%26#39;t find a combination that cheap anywhere else.. and moving hotel would mean losing the savings unless theres another way around it..?

When is the Tokyo Dome festival you are speaking of, Macsubi??


there is another way round it...


i used expedia too...via quidco and got about 拢120 cashback!!!

the money i saved went onto other things

in your case...another hotel!!!


Unfortunately, the festival is going on now, but if you search the JNTO site, they list many anime venues in Tokyo alone. You%26#39;ll be there for the video game convention I think.


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