Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Good hostel locations in Tokyo?

Hello again everyone. Thanks for all of your help so far, it%26#39;s been wonderful!

My friends and I will be staying in hostels throughout our trip. We simply cannot afford conventional hotels. We are on a $4000 budget per person (including airfare, 14 day JR passes, spending money and hostel money). Has anyone here stayed in hostels in Tokyo? What were your experiences? Can you recommend a good location/hostel? Were they close to major areas in Tokyo?

I am already familiar with hostelworld.com, which is an amazing website and I plan to book from there. Is this a good website to use? Was it easy to check in using your booking from the website?

Perhaps I am one of the youngest people here. I%26#39;m only 22, heh. Very little money = very cheap hostels. I would appreciate any advice you can offer! Thank you!!

Good hostel locations in Tokyo?

Going on the cheap is challenging but can be fun. How much of the $4000 is airfare? I%26#39;ll assume the JR pass is $450. How many nights are you staying? If you can eat like the locals your food budget should be very equivalent to eating in NYC on the cheap, maybe even less.

Good hostel locations in Tokyo?

Try these - http://www.hostels.com/jp.to.html


Also search for hostels on this forum. Your question has been asked previously.

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