Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tokyo or Kyoto

To all those who have done it: me and my boyfriend are going to Japan in the beginning of May for 2 weeks and would like to see Kabuki and Sumo (not necessarily a tournament) so I wanted to know if there%26#39;s a place to see those, and the best way to purchase tickets for performances.

Re sumo, I read we could just see them training in the stables, has anyone done it?

Re Kyoto, is it best staying for 1 or 2 nights there? Can anyone recommend nice and cheap hotel?

Many thanks

Tokyo or Kyoto

Two nights is better for Kyoto. You can also do a day trip to Osaka. 30 minutes via train.

';Nice and cheap'; - need to be more specific as to your budget. Try - http://www.toyoko-inn.com/eng/

Tokyo or Kyoto

The stables I have seen are near the Imperial Palace, however, I never asked to go inside. What you can do is splurge on a Champon restaurant for lunch. These are usually owned by ex wrestlers (look for his picture outside) and duplicate what they eat: lots of vegetables with broth cooked at your table.

Then, ask them to get you into a nearby stable. These restaurants are in Kyoto as well so a two night stay is worth it. Nice and cheap is tough, settle on one or the other.

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