Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Another Pasmo-Suica question

If I get the N%26#39;EX-Suica from JR East... can I use the Suica card on ALL Tokyo subway lines, or just the JR Yamanote?

Another Pasmo-Suica question

Suica can be used interchangeably on most trains and buses in Greater Tokyo, including JR trains, subways and other non-JR trains.

Another Pasmo-Suica question

The Suica card is fully compatible with all Pasmo accepting railway systems, which includes all subway lines, all other JR East Lines in the area, city bus lines, and virtually all railway/monorail/automatic guideway transit/tram lines in the Tokyo Metro area to include Kanagawa,Saitama, and Chiba (minus the Disney Monorail).

It also covers trains in other regions of Japan, but simply speaking for Tokyo, yes.

Suica = Pasmo. Generally speaking, both can be used on all transportation modes within Greater Tokyo except taxis.

Actually there are taxi%26#39;s that accept suica/pasmo as a form of payment now. Look on the side of the taxi for the Suica logo.

That%26#39;s good to know. I wish they%26#39;d do that here in Hong Kong with Octopus.

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