Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Factory Tours around Osaka

Are there factory tours around Osaka? Do companies like Honda or Sony let you in their factories to have a look?

Factory Tours around Osaka

I am not sure if Honda or Sony has a factory tour. Near Nagoya, Toyota has a free factory tour. At Hiroshima, Mazda runs a factory tour as well. Note that given the current economic conditions, more factories will be idled so tours might not be as available as before. Reservations are required for both.



Factory Tours around Osaka

I%26#39;ve toured the Toyota plant in Toyota City on business. Their site says tours are offered, however, I did not see another tour while I was there. Your next option is their Museum as Sammy says, just outside Nagoya. A lot of it accurately duplicates the plant.

Interestingly, I never got to see the paint department. It%26#39;s that secret. There is also a Noritake (dinner ware) plant right next to the museum with food sampling upstairs and seconds available.

(Food and Dishes)

The Toyota Factory tour was still offered to the general public because I have gone on one myself just last December. You have to go to the Toyota website and look for the factory tour. Once you find the information, you have to call them in Japan (English speaking, no emails or faxes) and they will then email you an application to fill out. The tour showed an assembly line with human workers putting the different parts of the car together. No robots or spray painting were shown.

I mentioned the tour ';was'; still available because with Toyota idling many of the plants, I don%26#39;t know whether this has made an impact on the tours.

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