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Visit Kyoto sleep in Osaka?

I%26#39;m travelling with my husband to Osaka/Kyoto for 5 days. Western standard hotels are very expensive and hard to find in Kyoto and I currently have booke dthe Ramad in Osaka. I%26#39;ve been researching and it seems like the nightlife might be better in Osaka since it%26#39;s a bigger city and therefore the best place to lodge. On the other hand, daily train fairs, travel time and congestion from Osaka to Kyoto might make sleeping in Kyoto a better option. We will be there 11-15 April. Please tell me if there is a nightlife in Kyoto and which area it is best to stay at--Osaka or Kyoto. Kyoto is our main focus and there doesn%26#39;t seem to be much in Osaka other than the aquarium, universal studios and perhaps a spa. Another option is to spend 1 or 2 nights in Osaka and 2 or 3 nights in Kyoto.

Visit Kyoto sleep in Osaka?

Can%26#39;t help you with the nightlife (although I%26#39;ve seen a couple of tempting TV shows about Osaka food). Staying in Osaka is definitely a reasonable alternative. There is frequent train service to Kyoto (Special Rapid Service is about every 15 minutes; takes a half hour; 540 yen). Your hotel is one subway stop, or 1 km on foot, from the main Osaka train station.

The Japanese web site has better maps than the US site: ramada-osaka.com/corporate/access_map.html

This bilngual map looks especially useful: ramada-osaka.com/corporate/…around.pdf

I would stick in one city rather than splitting your stay between the two.

Visit Kyoto sleep in Osaka?

I stayed at the Osaka Ramada last year, and took a couple day trips to Kyoto. If your main focus is Kyoto, then staying in Kyoto is better, but if you can%26#39;t find a Kyoto hotel, the Osaka Ramada is ok. It%26#39;s right across the street from the subway that takes you to Shin-Osaka station, which is 2 stops away. In fact, there%26#39;s a tunnel from the hotel directly to the subway station, although it%26#39;s a little bit of a maze.

The Osaka Ramada is in a quiet area, without much nightlife.

Depending on which train you take, it%26#39;s anywhere from 25-40 minutes from Shin-Osaka to Kyoto Station.

I can%26#39;t exactly remember the cost of a ticket, but it was something like 500 yen each way.

Well, as an upate, I%26#39;ve reserved 3 nights at the Hotel oaks in Kyoto. I%26#39;m leaning towards spending the first night in Osaka because of the hotel rate and availability. I%26#39;m looking forward to the trip.

I do not know why you can%26#39;t find ';western standards'; (what the heck this means anyway????? I guess we, non-westerners are so inferior to you huh, Ameircans! Yeah, you are the best! The best of the best! haha! )

But the hotels are way over priced. I have to agree with you on this.

Osaka is one huge city and I just cannot figure out why you are saying there is not much to see there.

Kyoto is as you probably know (but probably not), just old ancient city. There is not much night life here though there are enough places you can go.

If you are looking for more exciting city style night life, Osaka is better place to stay.

My suggestion to you is to get one of those guide books or search little bit more about Japan Learn about places. Usually Americans don%26#39;t know much and they think they know all about the world. I am sick of it. Hope you will open up your view and will have good trip.

Madametra, what is your hotel budget? It%26#39;s hard to gauge and make recommendations without knowing how much you are willing to pay.

Osaka is definitely much better when it comes to night life, particularly around Shinsaibashi and Dotonbori areas. Most of Kyoto seem to shut down by 10pm.

My guess is a ';western standard'; hotel simply means an ensuite restroom that comes with a western style toilet. I highly doubt the OP meant anything condescending.

Let%26#39;s actually try to provide helpful advice for once instead of going negative all the time. The various rants do not help the visitors so why keep posting them?

Wow, once again, thanks for ';all'; the feedback. As for the term ';western Style'; I actaully picked the term up while researching hotel options. I am flexible and opend minded to variuos options. I had a strong interest in a hotel but being that I%26#39;m not travelling solo, I had to consider my spouses wishes. Our target budget was about $500 for the four nights. My first choice would have been a Ryokan near a hot spring but it was definitely out of budget. I respect the local culture and I%26#39;m sure it will work itself out. You guys did make Osaka sound like the place to bed down.

';I guess we, non-westerners are so inferior to you huh, Ameircans! Yeah, you are the best! The best of the best!';

And don%26#39;t forget it!!

I would not say that, I would we Aussies are the best :)

I prefer Western Standard over ';not Japanese style.'; How else can you describe a room without a whole lot of words? Everybody calm down and experience the Asian Standard.

Macsubi, the Inferior

you guys are funny, thanks for brighting up a horrid day for me.

actually, Singaporeans are the best! :P you never read of how our govt likes to list how we are #1 in almost everything?

how about garden hotel? http://www.kyoto-gardenhotel.co.jp/ it has great rates if you understand Japanese, if not, then go for the normal rates, which are not too bad either.

have a great trip! :)

chill everyone.

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