Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Anyone stayed at this hotel before?

Hey everyone,

Has anybody stayed at the Grand Prince Hotel new Takanawa? If so can you share your experinces of this hotel?

I have been on the trip advisor review of this hotel but just wondered if many more have stayed here and what they thought about it?


Anyone stayed at this hotel before?

I%26#39;ve stayed there several times and each one was a winner. I like the garden view. If you can catch a wedding in the garden, even better. They have at least one a week-end and they go all out.

All the convenience shopping including the JR station is across the street. It%26#39;s said that the area is too quiet but I find it to be a break from all the shoppers and action only a few stations away. A small drawback is the lack of internet connection in your room, but it%26#39;s free downstairs. Exchange your pounds to yen at the desk at the same time. Their rate is always fair, along with excellent service.


Anyone stayed at this hotel before?

They didn%26#39;t put it in after the remodel? That%26#39;s crazy. That hotel is pretty old but I would have assumed that they put in Internet when they remodeled. For many, that%26#39;s not a small drawback.

%26lt;%26lt;%26lt;A small drawback is the lack of internet connection in your room, but it%26#39;s free downstairs.%26gt;%26gt;%26gt;

yeah, im not massively bothered about the lack of internet access in the rooms because im not too sure if im gonna take my laptop anyway...

One of my all time favorite hotels, the Kawasaki Mets doesn%26#39;t get my business anymore because they still don%26#39;t have Internet access. Years ago when everything was done via dial-up, I used to stay there on a regular basis because it was very convenient for me to get to Tokyo and Yokohama. Their location is the most convenient of any in the Tokyo/Yokohama area, being right next door literally touching JR Kawasaki Station for anyone needing to split time between Yokohama and Tokyo.

Route 246,

Go for the Takanawa Prince. I heard they were in the process of wiring all of the rooms. The garden is relaxing, it%26#39;s quiet, and one stop to Yokohama. You do have to cross the street to get to Shinagawa Stn. but it%26#39;s a scenic walk.

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