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cheap airlines!

Hi! I%26#39;m in Tokyo for a little bit on a very tight budget and I am looking for cheap flights out of Tokyo (Norita) to Melbourne, Australia. I tried Air Asia, but it doesn%26#39;t fly out of Japan! The cheapest flights I could find were around 800 (one way), which is way out of my price limit! I was hoping for 60-ish dollars for one way (or cheaper...which seemed to be the prices Air Asia offered for its flights)....if you know of any cheap airlines that fly out of japan, PLEASE RESPOND!!!!!

cheap airlines!

Lots of online reservation sites. However, for in English, Check this site. It is a travel agent that has English web pages. They sells both discount and PEX normal ticket. Their Japanese sites can see more selections, use online translation and email to them. In English page, the lowest fare for Narita to Melbourne is 38,500 yen RT by Vietnam Air.


Did you check Jetstar h as started to have a service to Australia since Dec. 2008; I saw their ad 7,000 yen RT last week. It was limited time selling.

You are in Tokyo. Why don%26#39;t you visit a travel agent office called JTB or HIS???

Good Luck!

cheap airlines!

Hi, Stacyx3,

$60 (US?) from Narita to Melbourne?

Go to www.kayak.com to search for the cheapest rates. It%26#39;s not a ';shop'; site; just a suggestion site.

There%26#39;s a Jetstar at $392.

Also check with HIS or A%26#39;Cross Travels. http://www.across-travel.com/ They have cheap discount tickets, although I think it%26#39;s more than your budget. You might have buy a round-trip and throw the return portion away.

Just curious............but how did you ever get here?

Stay safe.


Thanx a billion for your help! I got here through frequent flyer miles and loads of saving...but, I%26#39;m traveling to Australia with friends now, so we%26#39;re simply looking for reasonable flights! We heard from friends that Europe offered lots of super cheap airlines, so we were surprised when internet searches within Asia led to nothing within reason!


Hi, mamajelli,

The limited time sale promotion of Jetstar is over now; so we can%26#39;t see the things on their official web-page; however, it was on sale of 7,000 yen to Gold Coast or Cairns. I saw the add on morning paper and TV commercial several times. The price doesn%26#39;t include airport taxes and surcharges; however, we have to pay those additional price of unfavorable tax things to get any airline fare tickets we select, though. 32300 yen / 30900 yen was actual price to go to Australia. Please see add of HIS Futagotamagawa Branch add about this promotion. http://www.lococom.jp/cbdetail/33801/his_145/

Virgin Atlantic is 20th anniversary for the service between London and Narita. After Jetstar, I also read the advertisement on Asahi, the RT is 50,000 yen in May (taxes exclude). We can see on the fare on their web-page.

On the other hand, I hope people come to Japan find a good fare and visit Japan often!

Tokyo to Melbourne is roughly the same distance as Tokyo London, where lowest prices are usually around the equivalent of US$600 return. I would be astonished if you can get anything under $400 or so.

I%26#39;m coming from Europe, but I found the cheapest fare (and direct) on Japan Airlines itself. I would look at Kelkoo.com, also, to compare rates. It%26#39;s often cheaper on international flights to book a round-trip ticket (and then just not show up for the return) than to try to buy a one-way ticket....


Jetstar is the cheapest way to fly between Australia and Japan, but the seats can sell out fast. In Australia we just go to their website and book - no need for travel agents. You can book a one-way fare or return fare. When do you want to fly?

You%26#39;re confusing Southeast Asia with East Asia, in terms of travel prices. US$60 flights are perhaps common within short-haul flights around Southeast Asia, but that would probably just pay the taxes ex-Japan! Departing from Japan, you will be paying in Japanese Yen, a strong currency. Plus the flight time from Japan to Australia is quite long; there is no way you could get a long flight for such a small sum. I saw an ad for Jetstar in a Japanese newspaper the other day, about 60,000yen to Australia, but it depends on your departure dates.

For what it%26#39;s worth, Air Asia X are planning to fly from Malaysia to Japan in the near future. However, I don%26#39;t think Tokyo is on the cards-- smaller international airports like Fukuoka seems to be the target.

In terms of full-service carriers, Korean Air often have great specials, as do Malaysia Airlines. Budget carriers like Jetstar are not always the cheapest, so shop around, but there is no way in hell you%26#39;ll get a flight for US$60!

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