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Nearest AEON/Jusco Supermarket to Tokyo

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I will be in Tokyo for a week and like to spend some hours shopping at AEON/Jusco Supermarket. Please kindly suggest what is the nearest/easy access one in or around Tokyo. I will travel with 4 adults (2 seniors) and one 2-year old kid. I heard one in Narita, is that the best one or is there any one else around? We all have JR pass.

Thank you in advance for your help.


Nearest AEON/Jusco Supermarket to Tokyo

Yes, there is a big one near Narita Station. Jusco has a free shuttle bus from the stations (JR and Keisei) and the mall. You can pick up the shuttle in front of Mizuho Bank between JR and Keisei stations

In Tokyo proper, the closest and most convenient is Jusco Shinagawa Seaside. Its actually not too close to Shinagawa Station. Closest station is Rinkai Line, Seaside Station. Other station is Aomono Yokocho on the Keikyu Line from Shinagawa.

Nearest AEON/Jusco Supermarket to Tokyo

Hi yamanote,

I%26#39;m not sure if you got my reply but I couldn%26#39;t see it. I did it yesterday with different computer. Anyway, I only like to Thank You you for your quick response and information :-)


Any particular reason why you are looking for a Jusco store? There are other chains that are equivalent or slightly better such as Ito Yokado and Daiei.

Hi Route246,

Only small and stupid reason :-P I really love the products of Glico and Morinaga but can%26#39;t find them in any supermarket located underground of big department stores like Daimaru, Isetan..... Even in convenient stores like 7-11, there are only small variety them. In my previous trip, I went to Jusco (in Osaka), there are many many kind of Glico and Morinaga. I bought a lot back home. Of course, there are available in my hometown but it%26#39;s 30% more expensive. What do Yokada and Daiei like? Where can i find them in or near Tokyo? Checked Yokada%26#39;s website but it%26#39;s in Japanese.


If you are going to be in the Tokyo area you should go to a shop in Ameyoko to a shop called Niki. The URL is here:


You can click on the map here to see where it is at Ameyoko:


They have every kind of candy that is in Japan.

Here is a virtualtourist mention:


If they don%26#39;t have what you are looking for here I would be very surprised. They have two stores, across the street from each other. Both have candy but the bigger one (above on ameyoko.net) has the most candy. Anyway, they are directly across the street from each other so if you find one you can easily find the other.

I think you had luck at Jusco in Osaka because Glico is based in that area, if I%26#39;m not mistaken.

Yeah, Glico is based in Kobe.

Thanks a lot for more info on other shops. I will definitely go there. Yum yum...


I%26#39;m going to AEON mall too during my transit at Narita. How long does it take to/from Narita airport? Where can I find AEON store directory online? I need to know if they have AKACHAN store there or not. Please advise.

This is the closest thing I could find:


Akachan has two convenient locations in greater Tokyo:

1. Kinshicho: three stops east of Akihabara on the JR Sobu Chuo Line. Take the north exit, head left outside for the shopping building and the store is at the 5/F.


On this same map, the large blue square is Kinshicho Park. If you walk from the station and go past the park, you will see another shopping mall there and there is a Babies R Us inside. It%26#39;s about 10+ minutes on foot.

2. Kawasaki: right next to the west exit of the station.


There is also a store at Gotemba but it%26#39;s not very close to the station, about a 10 minute walk.

By the way GAP Kids (locations throughout Tokyo, including the SE exit of JR Shinjuku) has some nice and good value clothing too.

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