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Best area for sightseeing

I am going to be in Toyko for four nights the first week of June and am not sure of the best area to stay for the maximum sightseeing. From Toyko, I%26#39;m going to Kyoto, Hiroshima and Osaka and will be sightseeing in those cities as well.

Any hotel suggestions for a father and daughter, first time visitors.. Around the $150 - $200 USD per night range?



Best area for sightseeing

It all depends on what you want to see. IMO - Shinjuku is a good area to stay. This might help -

Best area for sightseeing

Except for a few shrines, a palace and bridges, you can%26#39;t view Tokyo as a venue for sightseeing. Save that for the remainder of your trip using Tokyo for experiencing a great city. It%26#39;s hard to suggest where to stay or do without knowing your interests.


See this recent thread at the link below:鈥?/a>

Thank you for your responses. Not having ever been there, I%26#39;m unsure about what we can realistic see in the amount of time we have. I would love to experience traditional Kabuki, if possible, and a tea ceremony. Do I do that in Tokyo or wait until I get to one of the other cities? Is four nights too long to stay in Toyko? Or, can I day trip from there to see more outside the city?

Thank you all.

Thank you for your response. Not having ever been to Japan, I%26#39;m unsure what is realistic to see in the amount of time we have. I am interested in seeing Kabuki and a traditional tea ceremony. Is that available in Tokyo or will I have a better chance in the other cities we are visiting. Is it necessary to stay four nights in Tokyo or is that too long?

Are there some nearby cities we can visit using our rail pass that we can day trip to?

Thanks again for all your help

Four nights in Tokyo is about right, especially if you do a day trip to one of the nearby areas. Possibilities include Nikko, Hakone, Fuji Lakes, Kamakura/Enoshima, Karuizawa/Nagano. For what to see there, go to to get an introduction.

Thanks sammyfloyd for your recommendations.

I%26#39;m sure you%26#39;ll find the $150-200 range possible. There is no need to stay any longer since you%26#39;re going to the actual sightseeing areas later. You now have to account for what interests you Father because if Kabuki and tea ceremonies are not, he%26#39;ll be in for a long trip.

Much of where you go will depends on your transportation means. If you%26#39;re buying a JR pass, get out and use it. If you%26#39;re not, this plan can be expensive so research TA and the links.


Thank you matsubi. I%26#39;ll investigate the rail pass further. I thought I might get value by using from the airport, then to Kyoto, Hiroshima, and Osaka and perhaps a couple of day trips. Would that justify cost or should I just contact Japan Rail for costing?


You can contact JR but I doubt if they%26#39;ll answer. You have too many trip legs and not clear if you%26#39;re going back to Tokyo. If you are, I vote for getting the pass. You may not come out ahead but it sure simplifies life.

If you can possibly afford it, bump it up to First Class as a treat to your Dad. It will be worth it. Just remember that all purchases must be made before entering Japan. See the Japan Rail site for details.


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