Friday, March 26, 2010

Hiroshima to Kyoto direct

I believe there to be 1 direct train per day from Hiroshima to Kyoto on the JR 7 day pass (not green). Also how often and length of journey from Tokyo to Hiroshima (fewer stops the better)!

Thanks in advance.

Hiroshima to Kyoto direct

Train schedules and fares here:

Make sure to check the box ';except Nozomi';

Hiroshima to Kyoto direct

Also be aware that within the Shinkansen division of trains - there are some trains that make more stops than others.

The fastest and most direct would be the Nozomi which you cannot use with the JR Rail pass. Going west from Tokyo I did not know one from the other. So my outbound train was a Kodama. Though the train is very fast (it is a shinkansen) it made too many stops. So when you book your tickets ask for the Hikari.

The Hikari would be the best train available if you are traveling with the railpass.

Look for Hikari trains on Hyperdia. Avoid Kodama trains. JR Pass is not valid on Nozomi.

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