Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Budgeting for Tokyo?

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I assume that people on this board have traveled to Japan on different budgets. My friends and I (3 of us) will be staying for 14 days and we are planning to bring $100/per day per person of spending money. Is that a good budget for a few students who plan to spend minimum amounts of money? The $100 per day per person does not include any expenses other than spending money and subway money. We will probably spend 4-5 nights there.

What have been your budgets in Tokyo? Is this a realistic budget for students who plan to live and eat on the cheap side? Will we still be able to shop?

Thanks for your help!

Budgeting for Tokyo?

I think your budget is fine. Believe it or not I usually spend a lot less than I think I will. I think Tokyo and NYCity are comparable in terms of prices for normal items like food, subway, drinks etc. So if you can get buy for $100 day in NYC, you can definitely do the same in Tokyo.

Budgeting for Tokyo?

I agree--US$100 a day is fine, and you will have a bit left for souveniers. My guess is that the basics--food, local transportation and admissions--will run about $60 a day, leaving a bit for souveniers and the like. When I%26#39;m visiting, I probably spend about $30 a day for food, but you might be eating out more than I did.

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