Tuesday, March 23, 2010

JR WEST coverage

Hi all,

I would like to go to Wakayama. However, according to the JR west website, it is not covered by the pass:


Can anyone correct me if I am wrong?


JR WEST coverage

I don%26#39;t think the JR West Pass gets you there. You can use the Kansai Thru Pass though which gives pretty good value overall.


JR WEST coverage

thanks Sammyfloyd. I am wondering whether the 2 days Kansai Pass need to used on 2 consecutive days? Please correct me if I am wrong.

If you are getting the Kansai Thru Pass version or Zenkoku Version then valid for any 2 days.


Note that you cannot use JR trains, in the case of Wakayama Station is primary a JR station with only one non JR line going to it the Kishigawa Line.

thanks tokyosubway.

I was told that you are only allowed to buy JR West once for everytime when you enter Japan (as a non-Japanese citizen).

I am wondering whether there is a way to get around with that? I know we can get the voucher outside Japan and exchange/activate the voucher and get the JR West.

Can I get 2 for myself?

First I would say do you need 2 JR West Passes, double check if it is economical for you, sometimes it is just cheaper to pay as you go.

The second part would be, if you buy it in Japan, I don%26#39;t think there%26#39;s really any way they track how many you purchased inside of Japan (but Don%26#39;t quote me on that). Buy one JR West Pass at one station, then buy another JR West Pass at another station, I do not think that there is some massive database where they keep the names of every person who has purchased a JR West pass.

I suppose the question is whether they put anything on your passport to indicate you have bought a JR West Pass before on the same trip.

You%26#39;d know the answer when you exchange for your first one (whether they keep the name in a database or make a mark in your passport).

thanks. I guess the answer will be no :P

And they will probably keep track of the passport name as they are so systematic.

correct me if i am wrong.

In the past I have never had any JR staff or any one (other then Immigration or City Hall officials) write anything inside my passport. It is probably out of their authority and a big no no to mark anything in a person%26#39;s passport.

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