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where can i buy a washlet with english controls in tokyo

hey there,

i%26#39;m staying at the cerulean in shibuya and they have washlets with english words on the control panel. does anyone here know where in tokyo they sell washlets for foreigners/export?

i MUST get one of these things for my apt asap :)

where can i buy a washlet with english controls in tokyo

There seems a product showroom in one of the high-rises in Shinjuku, but maybe they specialize only on dometic sales. I may be wrong, but for you to take it back home, you%26#39;ll have to contact an international courrier service: ie, Fedex, or a shipping agent, unless you can pack it to check at the airport. Hate to ask, but technically, are you so gadget-minded that you can put together the electric stuff neatly in place in your bathroom, knowing the difference in voltage / current? If not, how about compromising with a smaller kit for traveling, which can be purchased for 11550yens including tax: www.toto.co.jp/products/toilet/t00004/07.htm

(the above is the Japanese language only; yet you can have an image of the stuff) Good luck.

where can i buy a washlet with english controls in tokyo

A TOTO showroom should have most, if not all models, available for viewing.

Keep in mind that if you buy here for use in Spain, you may well have issues with installation and fit with your current toilet, and will have no guarantee.

Maybe there is somewhere in Spain that sells them. They are international.

i will actually buy this for my apt in brazil. same voltage as america and japan.

i heard about the shwowrooms in shinjuku, but normally showrooms are for dispaly only, no?

worst case i guess i%26#39;ll just buy and export toto model in america. but would be great to get a cool model here in tokyo.

You still may have compatability issues...electricity is only a part of the equation. Check Toto%26#39;s website for the US as they have a listing of what washlets suit what toilets, as well as installation instructions in English that will give you an idea of what you are up against.

With the number of Japanese residents in Brazil I would be surprised if you couldn%26#39;t get one locally, though.

Like you I went to Japan, saw them, and decided I wanted one as well. I bought mine on EBAY, and I live in Canada.

In North America, Toto sells washlets, but you have to go to a high end plumbing/bathroom store to get them. I see you live in Spain, but I have to assume someone in Europe sells washlets too. If not, EBAY works.

(Note-my TOTO on Ebay cost aprox 1/2 of what a local store wanted for the same product. Obviously there is a large markup on the product).

I don%26#39;t think you will find any English instuction washlets in Tokyo, but if you bought a TOTO product, you might be able to find English or Spanish instructions for them...then you have the electricty issue too.

Compaitibility: The mounting holes for the seat have to be the right distance apart and the water supply connection has to have the right threads. Also, the US version doesn%26#39;t fit all US toilet bowl/tank designs.

Do you know if Brazilian plumbing uses US standard parts?

Toto has a big factory in the US. Don%26#39;t know if they make the Washlets there or not. If you ever visit the States, might be easier to pick up from a dealer there.

I agree that export of washlets could be a problem because of differences with voltage and toilet size in other countries.

Besides Toto, there is INAX, which is the market leader in washlet toilets in Japan. INAX sells the highly innovative SATIS high tech toilet. INAX has show rooms all over Japan, but the most convenient in Tokyo are in Shinjuku, located a short distance from the south exit of the station and Ginza, located on the main street toward Yaesu.

In the past I have looked around the showrooms, then contacted my local country distributor to order products supported for export.

But to answer your question directly, I believe simple washlets are available for sale at the Yodobashi Camera ';AKIBA'; mega shop in Akihabara. You can buy cash and carry there.

I also saw washlets at Bic Camera stores in Shinjuku--I am sure all their stores carry them.

Toto does have a Brazilian office:


I purchased my washlet (220V) version from HongKong. Saw the Toto washlet in Japan but not suitable for Australian voltage. So bought mine from HK and it works a treat and is 1/3 the price of what they%26#39;re retailling it here - gloat, gloat!

If in HongKong, try Portland Street (potty street) - you%26#39;ll find lots of dealers selling various brands - Roca, Panasonic, Toto etc.

Please check the dimensions of your toilet before you buy. If buying the Toto, consider the ';round'; model over the ';elongated'; model, as the latter will only fit American and Japanese style toilets that have a very long shaped pan. Most toilet pans are oval and the ';round'; will fit more easily. But the position of the bolts and the distance/clearance it needs to the back needs to be considered.

Be prepared to change your toilet suite if necessary if you%26#39;re determined to get a washlet to fit perfectly.

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