Friday, March 26, 2010

Luggage forwarding between Tokyo hotels?

I am staying in Tokyo for two nights (the Park Hotel), then Kyoto for two nights, and then back to Tokyo (Excel Shibuya) for another three nights.

I am wondering if it is possible to forward the bulk of our luggage from the Park to the Excel to save us from having to haul all our luggage to Kyoto and back? Do the hotels have a problem with receiving and storing your luggage one or two days before check in?

As always, any advice would be appreciated!

Luggage forwarding between Tokyo hotels?

Yes, check out the following:鈥akkyu.html

I believe you can arrange for their service from your current hotel. Ask for %26#39;takkyubin%26#39;.

Might want to pack a small travel bag with a day%26#39;s worth of clothing to fill the %26#39;gap%26#39; of not having your luggage with you while they%26#39;re being transported.

Good luck.

Luggage forwarding between Tokyo hotels?

Your hotel will definitely arrange the service for you. Just be sure to have Excel%26#39;s address, preferably in Japanese so the staff can fill out the form.

I%26#39;ve done this many many times. There will be no problem whatsoever. Just tell the concierge at the Park to send your luggage to the Excel. They%26#39;ll look up the address and fill up the forms. Make sure to give them your check in date at the Excel.

I have done this countless times, too. Be sure to consolidate into fewer large bags instead of more smaller bags. If everything fits into one large bag then you%26#39;ll save money. Reduce the number of bags whenever possible, even if it is 2 down to 1.

Thanks everyone! It%26#39;s very reassuring to know we don%26#39;t have to worry about transporting our luggage to Kyoto and back.

My main concern was that the second hotel would have a problem with storing the bags while we are in Kyoto, but it sounds like this is often the case.

If you mean the second Tokyo Hotel (Excel) then it won%26#39;t be a problem to wait until you get back.

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