Friday, March 26, 2010

Tokyo Hotels under 8500Y/night

So far I am looking to stay in Shinjuku (I prefer location over hotel ammenities), and I have narrowed down my choices to Shinjuku Park Hotel, Kadoya Hotel and Sunlite Hotel. Which do you recommend in terms of cleanliness, location in regards to restaurants/nightlife, and location to train stations (JR and subway)? Any advice greatly appreciated, or if you had any other recommendations in this price bracket I%26#39;d love to hear it

Tokyo Hotels under 8500Y/night

Forgot to mention I will be travelling solo, so in the market for a single room

Tokyo Hotels under 8500Y/night

What about Toyoko Inn Shinjuku?

Have Toyoko Inn on the list, but it seems I can only book that 3 months in advance via their website. Which isn%26#39;t a major issue, but I%26#39;d like to have things squared away sooner rather than later

Book something with a cancellation that%26#39;s free and then try to book the Toyoko Inn on the first day of availability. For someone single looking for nightlife it can%26#39;t be beat.

You might also take a look at the Tateshina.

I think Kadoya and Park both get pretty good reviews and have better location than Sunlite.

Thanks all for the suggestions. Route246- hadn%26#39;t thought about that, it may be a good way to go. Also hadn%26#39;t come across the Tateshina before either

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