Friday, March 26, 2010

One day in Tokyo

I won a trip to Asia that includes 2 nights in Tokyo (then to Singapore %26amp; Bangkok). We have been told we can extend our stay in Tokyo by one night if we want to. My question is: what are some suggestions of things to do and see with one extra day of free time? My daughter (travel companion) is a photography student, so we%26#39;re interested in stuff that would be interesting to shoot. Any recomendations?

One day in Tokyo

There is not a lot to shoot in Tokyo, just a lot to do. I suggest doing all you can in one day and spending the other in Kyoto to have your daughter shoot like crazy.

It will be expensive, but then again, the trip is free. Do all the research you can. It will all be visual.


One day in Tokyo

How far is Kyoto from Tokyo? Can we go there as a day-trip?

Kyoto is 2 hours by bullet train so it can be done in a long day. Also, while in Tokyo, look for the Canon, Nikon, and Sony show rooms for the latest gear, then buy something at the Yodobashi chain, just to see a really well-equipped photo store.


Congratulations! I definitely think you should extend for a night, 2 nights are really not enough to see the city.

And I disagree with the previous poster - there is lots to shoot in Tokyo, especially Asakusa.

But since you won%26#39;t have a chance to go to Kyoto, I do suggest you take a day trip - it is a completely different city.

Make sure you do your homework regarding purchasing photo gear in Japan. The savings might not be what you think they are.

I suggested going outside Tokyo from a photography student%26#39;s view. Shooting scenes that have been shot thousands of times with thousands of people in them is fine for tourist shooting. I did say it is all visual.


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