Friday, March 26, 2010

Kyoto Hotel

I%26#39;m reaching Kansai Int%26#39;l Airport on Monday (30th). Have booked into the Weekly Mansion Otemae for now, but just noticed that there are rooms available at KYOTO PLAZA HOTEL and APA VILLA HOTEL (KYOTO EKIMAE). My plan is to spend 4 days in the room:

2 days going around Kyoto

1 day to Nara, Himeji

1 day in Osaka (or alternately Koyasan)

Given this, does it make sense to shift from the Weekly Mansion to either of these hotels? If so, any recommendations between the two?

Also, one of the reasons I initially booked at Otemae was that the place had a kitchenette. And as a vegetarian, I%26#39;m carrying food that I could heat up. Any such facility in either of these hotels in Kyoto?

Appreciate your early reply - I%26#39;m leaving tomorrow!!!


- JK

Kyoto Hotel

Just to clarify, the Weekly Mansion Otemae is in Osaka, whereas the two other hotels are in Kyoto.

My guess...the Kyoto hotels score hands down location-wise, but am not sure of (a) quality of rooms and (b)ability to warm my vegetarian food!

Once again, thanks for your quick help!

- JK

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