Friday, March 26, 2010

Narita or Tokyo Hotel for 1 night?

Our last night in Japan we are thinking of staying Narita and visiting the town the next morning before our flight at 6:00 pm?

Should we bother staying in Narita and visiting or simply staying in Tokyo somewhere along the Train?

If so any recommendations?

Thanks alot

Narita or Tokyo Hotel for 1 night?

I would stay in Narita City for a change of pace.

However, if you want the last day for Tokyo, you%26#39;ve got time for exploring before catching a train to Narita.

Narita or Tokyo Hotel for 1 night?

Narita is nice but the hotels are usually not near the town or in walking distance. You%26#39;ll either have to cab or stick around the hotel until departure and essentially losing a day of your trip. With a 6pm departure, you have time to get there assuming you%26#39;re staying in Tokyo.


thanks for the info, think we%26#39;ll try and book a hotel in Narita City and take the train to the airport the next day as our JR pass will still be valid.

Any recommendations for hotels in Narita City?

I%26#39;ve stayed at the Raddison. It%26#39;s nice and reasonable, but as I%26#39;ve said, it%26#39;s nowhere near the town and not much to do near the hotel. The shuttle takes another twenty minutes to get to the train station. It sounds to me that you%26#39;re wasting a day of your JR Pass.


Most of those hotels have free shuttle to/from the airport AND Keisei Narita station.

Hotels located right at JR/Keisei Narita stations neighbourhood include Mercure, Comfort Hotel, Center Hotel Narita and U-City

We wanted to visit the City of Narita, that%26#39;s why we want to stay there, but not at any of the Airport Hotels.

There are 6 of us travelling (1 senior) so we don%26#39;t want to be too stressed and rushed on our last day.

Thanks for the info.

Have you stayed at either Center or U-City Hotels?

I%26#39;m sorry but I%26#39;ve not heard of either place. I do know there is no need to stress as trains are always on time and you have a late flight. The hotel will not let you miss it.


Those hotels are from a google map search. I haven%26#39;t stayed in a hotel in Japan that%26#39;s dirty, or not worth the rates they charged.

Hi, we are staying at the Kirinoya Ryokan in Narita in a few weeks. This blog may help you with accommodation in the town itself. It also reviews the Ryokan and makes other suggestions that might be suitable.

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