Friday, March 26, 2010

Yasaka Taxi from Kansai airport to Kyoto..

Afternoon lovely people :-)

I found an old post dated 2005 which mentioned travelling from Kansai Airport to Kyoto using yasaka taxi and that the travellers would highly recommend the service.

I would be happy to know if anyone has currently used the service and whether it is still a viable and feasible way to travel ?

Happy day to you all :-)


Yasaka Taxi from Kansai airport to Kyoto..

Hi SmoothOz

I don%26#39;t know abut the Yasaka Taxi but I returned from Japan yesterday via Kansai Airport Osaka and I used the Airport Limosine bus to come from Kyoto to the airport. I found this to be very convenient and it cost only 2,500 yen. The trip takes about 105 minutes and the buses from Kansai airport leave from right out the front of the arrivals area. They will take you to the depot which is at the back of Kyoto station and then you can get a taxi from there to your hotel. The taxis are quite reasonable price.

Kyoto station is huge and has lots of shops and restauants and the local buses leave from out the front. I used the local buses to get around and see some of the sights and then booked a day tour through Sunrise Tours to see the main sights. You can book them at the tour desk at the New Myako Hotel which is in the same street that the Airport Limosine bus depot is, at the other end of the street. They are quite expensive really but I don%26#39;t get around quite as much as I used to so it was worth while.

There is a great tourist info office on the 11th floor of Kyoto station and the staff speak English and you can pick up the bus info from there. It also has computers for email access. I think they charge but probably not very much and also have lots of guide books to read.

I had 3 weeks in Japan and loved every moment.



Yasaka Taxi from Kansai airport to Kyoto..

Thank you Ozlady55 for your kind reply.

I didn%26#39;t even think about the limo bus. We (family and I ) use the limo bus from narita to Tokyo and find it a very convenient way to travel particularly with hassel.

I%26#39;m thrilled you enjoyed your stay and lucky you...3 weeks. We have made two trips as a family and hoping for another possibly this year.....a little indulgent. We looove Japan.

Noticed an interest in Bonsai.. you must be very skilled we were given a small bonsai gift at Christmas and we fussed and treasured it as if it were a didn%26#39;t make it... our nuturing skills need some attention or is it that bonsai can be difficult to take care of :-(

Happpy Days :-)

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