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Cherry Blossom Forecasts for 2009

Here are the current forecasts for Cherry Blossoms for 2009 as of March 5, 2009:

Location Opening Estimated Best Viewing

Tokyo March 25 March 30 to April 9

Kyoto March 27 April 1 to 11

Niigata April 7 April 12 to 20

Nagano April 9 April 14 to 22

Kanazawa April 1 April 6 to 14

Nagoya March 22 March 28 to April 7

Osaka March 28 April 2 to 11

Nara March 27 April 1 to 11

Hiroshima March 23 March 29 to April 8

Fukuoka March 17 March 23 to April 2

Kagoshima March 22 March 28 to April 7

We will be in Tokyo for the Cherry Blossoms so where would be the best place to see them or which garden would be the best one to visit?

Cherry Blossom Forecasts for 2009

Hope you can read the above.

I hate the way TA reformats the posting. I had these all in neat columns which made it easy to read.

Cherry Blossom Forecasts for 2009

No worries, it%26#39;s readable. Thanks for the info! :-)

I managed to see Cherry Blossoms on Monday. It was very nice!

There was only 2 or 3 blossomed though.

I wasnt intended to see any of them but on our way from leaving Ghibi Museum to the train station, there were a few. Its awesome!!

Hello Fung11

Did you like the Ghibli museum?

Very warm this week. I guess lots of Sakura trees will be full blossom within this week in most part of the country.

Some trees even finished.

Hi SmooOz

If you a fan of all his cartoons, then yes it is worth a trip to have a look.

If you are not a fan, you may find this to be a bit small, and crowded, and is all japanese that you dont understand much.

Reminder that you need to pre-purchase the ticket before you get there. You cannot buy tickets onsite.

Hmmm, that%26#39;s going to be tight for our itinerary:-

- Land at KIX late on 10th April

- 11th in Hiroshima / Miyajima

- 12th in Himeji / Kyoto (might just see the end of them)

- 13th in Kanazawa (might just see them there also)

- 14th / 15th in Takayama for the Matsuri

- 16th - 18th is Tokyo / Mt Fuji / Nikko

- 19th - 21st is Kyoto / Nara / Arashiyama

What do the experts think? And where in Kyoto / Kanazawa is best to see them?

Thanks very much,


My tree is about 25% blooming now, I can see it right outside my window. My cats are enjoying ';hanami'; evry day! :-)

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