Friday, March 26, 2010


Dear all,

I understand that the Sakura is having blossom much earlier than usual.

According to the following website expection chart:

Do you think I can still see some when I arrive Kyoto on April 9-11?

Please let me know. Thanks!


That%26#39;s a tricky question.

Although there was the official first sitings of cherry blossoms last week, this week has been dismally cold. It even snowed on the west coast -- and I saw a couple of sleety thingies this afternoon in Tokyo! (A few years ago, it snowed as we had full blossoms on March 31, so one can never tell!)

The weatherpeople predict cold temperatures for a few more days. If so, the blossoms go into freeze frame. If it warms up, the blossoms go to fast forward. The head weatherman said ';April 1'; for full blossoms on this evening%26#39;s news for Tokyo. If there%26#39;s no storm or windy days, the blossoms will last for another week or so.

Even if you get here at the tail end of the cherry blossom season, you%26#39;ll be able to enjoy the ';ha-zakura'; -- sakura with green leaves. That%26#39;s also pretty sight. Pink on pale green. And there will usually be a carpet of pink underneath the trees.

Heard an interesting hypothesis about the petals. If you add all the high temperatures (in Celsius) from Setsubun/Risshun/Ground Hog%26#39;s Day/around Feb. 4 to 450 degrees, you will be able to predict when the first blossoms will be seen. If you add all the highs from the first ';official'; blooming day to 100 degrees, it%26#39;ll be FULL blossom day.

Happy adding! lol


Cold spell is blowing in now, but my cherry tree is already 20% blooming. Second week of April might still be OK for Kyoto, but rotsa ruck finding a place to stay...

thanks both!

Actually I will be arriving on April 8 night.

I have booked April 9 and 10 hotel in Kyoto and then will head to Shirahama Onsen for 2 nights


But I am debating whether go should spend 2 nights in Shirahama Onsen first and then coming back to Kyoto/Osaka April 11?

I guess if it%26#39;s the end of Cherry blossom, april 9 and 11 make a big difference and I don%26#39;t wanna miss the sakura? any thoughts?

If you%26#39;re booked in Kyoto already, then go for that!

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