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Overnight stay during Marathon race 18-20 April, 2009


I am still looking for an overnight stay during this year%26#39;s Nagano marathon. I would be pleased to get a private overnight stay for 2 persons as all hotels are booked out. Would you have any availibilies the nights of April 18 - 20? We are two runners joininig from Switzerland. We are happy to bring you along real Swiss chocolate.

Looking forward for your answer.

kind regards,


Overnight stay during Marathon race 18-20 April, 2009

It seems not to be easy for making reservation on that dates checking by a reliable Japanese online accommodation reservation site. However, regarding to Nagano Marathon Race official webpage in Japanese site; JTB Nagano Branch, the official travel agent for Nagano Marathon, is holding lots of volume for runners. I think they can take care of you.

The official website tells about that accomodation how to book (in Japanese) online. For in English, you have to make a contact by phone, fax or Email as follows:


or Email to nagano-dantai@jtb.jp

In Japanese,you will see the prices and availability online.


Good luck!

Overnight stay during Marathon race 18-20 April, 2009

For check the price and availability from the top of official page, accommodation section:


1) Click the long grey bar.

2) Click small grey bar ';募集要項”above of FAQ bar in Step 1.

Checked the Zenkoji shukubo hostel?


If all fails, I stayed here(free bf %26amp; beverage):


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