Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Nozawa Onsen Accom and snow board hire???

Hi there,

My husband to be and I are heading to Nozawa Onsen for 5 nights as part of our honeymoon in Japan in early March.

Does anyone have any recommendations for snow board hire???

Or accommodation???

We%26#39;re hoping to spend no more than AUD$200-250 a night. I had been looking at Nozawa Onsen Hotel but have been scared off my a few bad reviews.

Seems to be a lot of places to stay there, but not a lot of reviews.

Happy to stay in either traditional or western accomm.

Thanks for any help!

Nozawa Onsen Accom and snow board hire???

NOH - we stayed there in Jan 2007 %26amp; Feb 2008.

I have no complaints at all. Mind you they are not so used to aussies %26amp; there is very little English spoken %26amp; meals are Japanese. The cheapest rooms can be very small with a FormulaOne style of prefab bathroom. The semi Japanesse rooms are better. It%26#39;s well located. I hope the service has not gone downhill.

Hiring - you can usually hire where you stay. There was a hire shop next to Mos Burger up at the resort base. I think the entry was inside Mos %26amp; turn left.

Have you seen these: naganogo.com/nozawa_onsen/accommodation.html


Nozawa Onsen Accom and snow board hire???

This is the website from Nozawa Onsen Accommodation Association and they recommend 4 hotels for English-speaking guests.

Kawaichiya ryokan


Hotel Yamaki



I can%26#39;t say any reviews because I have never been to stay there.

If you don%26#39;t like to find a nice accommodaion, go to Shigakogen, Myoko, or Hakuba are another option.

Sorry, I did English expression mistakes. I know you like to find a hotel. I mean this: If you CAN%26#39;T find a nice accommodation, change the destination for skiing. I suggest to go to Shiga Kogen, Myoko, or Hakuba.

Thanks for all the tips.

We ended up staying at Kawaichiya Ryokan for 5 nights and had an amazing time. The Ryokan is located in the middle of the village and close to restaurants and the main street.

Japanese style breakfast was included daily and there was plenty of food!

The best part was that the hotel has its own indoor and outdoor onsens! Lovely!

Its about a 10 minute walk to the moving walkway to the ski resort. We took advantage of coin lockers in the resort so we didn%26#39;t have to carry our gear back and forth each day.

We got discounted lift tickets and ski hire through the ryokan recpetion when we arrived. I%26#39;d recommend this ryokan.

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